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At Aviporc, we’ve been supplying the livestock sector with the most innovative equipment on the market since 1984, offering a quick, effective, tailored service to our customers. We prioritise quality, keeping an eye on the latest technological advances to emerge in the sector while maintaining close contact with our customers to ensure that wherever you are and however big your farm, you have modern facilities where you can care for your animals.

We install all our products. We take charge of the entire package and our team of engineers, designers, electricians, salespeople, installers and transporters is there to make sure that the whole installation works perfectly. More than sixty professionals who are all keen to help and have one aim in mind: To offer you solutions to improve your output while ensuring the best possible conditions for your animals.


A single contact person, multiple solutions

We combine the efficacy, technology and capacity of a large company with the personalised service, local attention and territorial coverage of a family business with thirty-five years’ experience as a market leader. What makes us stand out from the rest? The quality and speed of our technical service.

 We monitor the quality of all our products and installations down to the very last detail to ensure that the technical aspects don’t pose a problem and that you’re fully prepared to make your installations profitable while also protecting animal wellbeing. We stay one step ahead of the regulations to offer you solutions that are both rigorous and fully compliant.

We adopt a tailored approach to each project, working hand-in-hand with you to find the perfect solution. We’ll guide you through the process from start to finish, advising you on the best product for your farm and taking care of the design, assembly, installation, technical assistance and after-sales service. You’ll never be alone.

Innovation and service
wherever you are

Aviporc Equipamiento Ganadero

Pig farms

We stock a wide range of equipment featuring unbeatable quality and a modern design that allows us to guarantee the efficacy and durability of our products. We work with world-renowned manufacturers.

We incorporate the latest technological advances into our products to provide your animals with comfort and wellbeing while offering the best value for money at every stage of the life cycle:

  • Gestation: Mating or gestation management and confirmed gestation
  • Farrowing: Maternity areas which are comfortable for animals and easy to clean and disinfect. Prefabricated farrowing rooms. Farrowing pens for loose sows designed to ensure animal wellbeing.
  • Weaning: Rooms designed to minimise stress for piglets and allow monitoring, cleaning, hygiene and disinfection.
  • Fattening: Comfortable, resistant grating and separators in a range of high-quality materials. Bedding system ensuring animal wellbeing.

We specialise in

Feeding systems: Rationing systems (electronic stations, electronic and other dispensers, miniboxes, feeding balls, etc.); ad libitum systems (concrete chutes, stainless steel, PVC and polyethylene chutes); multiphase and spotmix systems; liquid feed or soup.

Ventilation and refrigeration: Forced ventilation via positive or negative pressure, refrigeration via humidification panels and technicians specialising in automating these systems.

Heating: Efficient electric plate and water heating systems made from a variety of materials. Air source heat pumps, delta tubes, etc.

Cleaning: Cleaning robots, pressure lines, etc.

Silos and augers: Silos made from galvanised sheet metal prelacquered in green, polyester, etc. Flexible augers mounted on PVC tube and metal spiral, chain transmission systems and rigid augers.

Poultry farms

We offer the latest technology in installations, machinery and products from brands such as VDL, Jansen, and many more. Our range features everything you need to provide optimal conditions for any kind of poultry:

  • Broilers
  • Chicks
  • Heavy breeders
  • Free-range chickens
  • Laying hens
  • Turkeys for fattening


We have a wide range of equipment focused on the different cattle/beef farms:

  • Dairy cattle
  • Feedlots
  • Extensive cattle

From automated feeding systems, cleaning systems (scrapers), hoppers, gates, tailor-made drinking troughs, windbreaks, housing systems, etc…

We currently work with the best brands on the market at European level, such as Jourdain, La Buvette, Huesker, Etxe Holz…


Systems for feeding, ventilation, stabilisation, suckling with artificial milk, etc. Our products and services are available for all kinds of livestock:

  • Rabbits
  • Sheep
  • Horses

Turnkey solutions

Our goal is to make your life easy

At Aviporc, we can also design and implement projects from scratch. All you’ll need to do is pick up the keys to your shed, which will be fully equipped with the most innovative, cutting-edge installations on the market. All of our projects come with a set price and fixed deadline. We’ll provide you with guidance along the way to make sure we offer you with the most suitable solutions for your farm and for your animals’ wellbeing.

We know from experience that caring for animals is a complex, delicate activity. That’s why Aviporc has a solution for all your needs, whether you want to enhance or extend your existing premises or build new ones.




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A single contact person, multiple solutions

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