Pig Farm Cleaning Robot

Pig Farm Cleaning Robot

Pig Farm Cleaning Robot 2560 1920 Aviporc

The pig farm cleaning robot is a great ally for workers and animals.

Developed over eight years by top engineers and tested by farmers in several countries, PROCLEANER X100 is the ultimate pig farm cleaning robot.

ProCleaner X100 has 4 wheels and is 67.5 cm wide and 115 cm long.

The cleaning robot moves around the hall by means of an adjustable wheel that moves along the aisle following the partition panels and ensures that it maintains the correct direction.

This machine has ultrasonic sensors that ensure it stops when it encounters a wall.

PROCleaner X100 is connected via the farm’s existing system with high-pressure hoses.

Specially designed nozzles ensure that the water molecules are bound together, so that the water jet maintains its powerful effect at 5-6 metres.

Here are some of the questions that the most curious farmers have asked us through our social networks (@aviporc).

How does the pig farm cleaning robot work, is there a pre-set cleaning or does it have several options depending on the farm?

Firstly, ProCleaner X100 has a multitude of cleaning programmes to carry out, from soaking to the various main cleaning programmes for all types of rooms regardless of their design.

It’s very easy to use. In the end, it is very similar to a mobile phone.

For the firts time, you must configure it with the parameters and it is ready for direct use every time you wash.

The configuration is carried out by Aviporc’s technical specialists.


How can the efficiency of a farm be improved through cleaning?

Because the farms are clean when the farmers need them to be.

Furthermore, moving pigs takes a lot of time and if you also have to wait for the farms to be clean, a lot of production efficiency is lost.

Washpower has many years of experience in installing robotic washers on farms of all sizes.

We can estimate that farms that choose to clean with one of our X100s can reduce cleaning time by up to 80%.

Also, it improve overall biosecurity.

Once the customer buys the robot and has it on the farm, how does the after-sales service offered by Aviporc work?

Thereafter the washing robot is purchased, Aviporc accompanies the customer, starting with the delivery of the equipment to the farm.

An initial start-up is carried out with the configuration of the robot according to the characteristics of the facilities, training the farm staff so that they are able to operate it independently and modify parameters as they wish.

In addition, Aviporc provides direct contact with technical and/or maintenance personnel at all times in order to resolve any possible doubts or incidents.

Lastly, the robot is maintained, like a new car. It’s good daily functioning and to change the basic aspects that it may need after its daily use.

Aviporc takes care of everything: collection, delivery and carrying out this maintenance in its own facilities in its own area, thanks to its technical staff specialised in this powerful machine.