Porc d’Or Awards: Aviporc as a partner of the event

Porc d’Or Awards: Aviporc as a partner of the event

Porc d’Or Awards: Aviporc as a partner of the event 1024 576 Aviporc

The Porc d’Or Ibérico awards will be held in Malaga on June 30th.

We are excited to attend and meet the winners of this outstanding celebration.

It is also an honour to be able to contribute to this leading event in the pig industry.


What are the Porc d’Or awards?

The Porc d’Or awards are given in the pig sector in Spain with the aim of highlighting and rewarding excellence in pig production.

These awards are based on a comprehensive evaluation of different aspects of the pig farm, such as production efficiency, animal welfare, sustainability and product quality.

The origin of the Porc d’Or Awards dates back to 1994, when they were created in Catalonia (Spain), with the aim of recognising and promoting best practices in pig production.

Since then, the awards have expanded nationally and gained recognition throughout the industry.

Evaluation system of the Porc d’Or Awards

The evaluation system of the Porc d’Or Awards is based on a series of technical and economic indicators that allow the performance of the participating pig farms to be measured.

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These indicators include variables such as number of farrowings per sow per year, piglet survival rate, daily weight gain, feed consumption, among others.

Also, this year, there are some slight modifications in the evaluation system:

  • Farms with more than 20 % of weaned piglets less than 21 days old will be excluded as candidates for the awards.
  • In relation to the Porc d’Or Longevity Award, it is agreed to eliminate the criterion of eliminating farms with more than 8 farrowings per sow at low age.
  • In relation to the Special Awards, it is agreed not to award those farms that do not exceed 80% survival of piglets at weaning, do not present coherent data between adopted and withdrawn piglets or do not record the number of abortions.

Winners, who meet these requirements, are recognised and awarded at a ceremony where their achievements are highlighted and promoted as role models within the pig industry.

List of nominees

The communities of Castile and Leon and Extremadura are the main candidates to receive the highest number of statuettes, with the provinces of Badajoz and Valladolid accumulating the highest number of nominations, each with a total of 18.

As a special bonus, many of the nominees are customers and friends of Aviporc. Here you can see the list of nominees among which 32 prizes will be awarded.