Flexible Cubicles and Scraper Brush in Dairy Cattle

Flexible Cubicles and Scraper Brush in Dairy Cattle

Flexible Cubicles and Scraper Brush in Dairy Cattle 2560 1440 Aviporc

In this blog we would like to show you the latest livestock installation developed by Aviporc: a dairy cow farm equipped with flexible cubicles, scraper brush and tilting drinking trough.

At Aviporc, we are known for our commitment to innovation and improving the living conditions of animals, and this new facility is testament to that.

Join us as we discover how these features benefit dairy cows and improve farm efficiency.

Flexible cubicles

Providing comfort and well-being

These cubicles are designed with cow comfort in mind, providing individualised and secure space for each animal.

The flexible cubicles allow the cows to lie down and stand up easily, which reduces stress and damage to their joints. It also promotes their general well-being.

In addition, this design facilitates the maintenance and cleaning of the cubicles, ensuring a hygienic and healthy environment for the cows.


Scraper brush

A touch of extra care

Another interesting feature of this livestock facility is the inclusion of scraper brushes.

These brushes are strategically placed on the farm so that the cows can scratch and massage themselves whenever they wish.

Brushing provides relief from itching and helps to maintain the health of the cow’s skin and coat.

In addition, the scratching brush promotes blood circulation and the general well-being of the animals, contributing to a happier and healthier environment.

Tippable drinking fountain

Acceso constante al agua fresca


An essential component of any farm is an adequate water supply.

At this facility, Aviporc has implemented tipping troughs to ensure that the cows always have access to fresh, clean water.

These drinkers are designed to be easy to use and maintain, and their tipping capability prevents build-up of waste or bacteria.

Providing constant access to water promotes hydration of cows and is essential for their health and milk production.

In conclusion, this new farm is an outstanding example of how innovation can improve the living conditions of dairy cows with the installation of flexible cubicles, brush scrapers and tilting drinkers.