Products and Installations

RearMaxx Rearing System

RearMaxx Rearing System 2560 1707 Aviporc

T The RearMaxx is a rearing system multitier specially designed to train pullets effectively and use the house area optimally. Pullets trained in a RearMaxx perform optimally in an aviary…

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PREBAC Drinker for Fattening Cattle

PREBAC Drinker for Fattening Cattle 641 402 Aviporc

Water is essential for any living being, and for cows even more so. That is why it is important to have a specific drinking trough depending on the type of…

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Dairy Barn: The Importance of an Adequate Climate

Dairy Barn: The Importance of an Adequate Climate 1280 960 Aviporc

En este blog os vamos a contar la importancia de un clima óptimo en las granjas, sobre todo, en granja vacuno de leche. También os contamos algunas soluciones. One of…

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Robot de Lavado PROCLEANER X100

Robot de Lavado PROCLEANER X100 2598 3626 Aviporc

At the beginning of the digital era, all sectors have been updated, which is why the PROCLEANER Washing Robot was born. Pig farming couldn’t be left behind. Pig farms are…

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Floating Cover Project

Floating Cover Project 2560 1440 Aviporc

Today we’re going to show you a new Aviporc product to improve environmental management in pig facilities: Floating Cover Project. This product was created to improve an existing problem in…

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Poultry Farm Exhauster Covers

Poultry Farm Exhauster Covers 2211 1658 Aviporc

In this blog, we are going to introduce you to the new product from Aviporc: Poultry Farm Exhaust Fan Covers. The strength of our new product is the improvement of…

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Feed Delivery Robot Faro

Feed Delivery Robot Faro 1000 720 Aviporc

A healthy cow is a productive cow, which is why the feed delivery robot FARO from Schauer was developed to improve feeding in cattle. FARO – Feed Delivery Robot is…

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Broiler Breeders Feeding System

Broiler Breeders Feeding System 2560 1920 Aviporc

Aviporc offers poultry farms feeding systems for layers, breeders, broilers and turkeys from VDL. One of the most important factors in poultry farms is the feeding system in broiler breeders.…

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