Turnkey Cow Farm: Steps To Follow

Turnkey Cow Farm: Steps To Follow

Turnkey Cow Farm: Steps To Follow 3897 2833 Aviporc



At Aviporc, we understand the importance of having efficient and well-equipped facilities for the success of your livestock business, so we are the best option if you are thinking of a turnkey cow farm.

Our turnkey department specialises in the construction and equipping of cattle farms, offering comprehensive solutions that go beyond simple infrastructure.

Complete Services, from Planning to Operation

Our team of livestock and construction experts takes care of every step of the process, from initial planning to the operational start-up of your facility. We take care of every aspect so you can focus on growing your business.

Standard and Customised Ships: Versatile Design for Every Requirement

At Aviporc, we pride ourselves on offering flexible solutions that are tailored to each customer’s specific needs.


Our standard, symmetrical, modular houses are designed for 12×6 metre pens, providing an efficient and functional environment for rearing cattle.

Structure Options: Adaptability to Your Preferences

We offer you two main structure options, allowing you to choose between a solid metal structure or the strength of precast concrete.

Both options guarantee durability and strength, providing the solid foundation your installation requires.

Resistant Covers: Guaranteed Protection

For the roof, we offer two high quality alternatives: agropanel or corrugated sheet metal.

Both options ensure effective protection against the elements, keeping your animals safe and comfortable in all weather conditions.

Cleaning Efficiency: Central Heel for Ease of Cleanup

With operational efficiency in mind, all our halls have a practical central heel.

This design facilitates continuous and efficient cleaning of the pens, ensuring a hygienic environment for the livestock and optimising manure management processes.

Tailor Made Solutions: Design Adapted to your Requirements

We understand that every farmer has unique needs. That’s why we offer tailor-made sheds, adapting to your specific requirements.

From customised corrals with intermediate walls to screeds and striped floors, our team works closely with you to ensure that your installation meets all your expectations.

3D Design of cattle shed – Technical Office Aviporc

Quality Flooring: Indoor and Outdoor

At Aviporc, we do not compromise on quality either inside or outside the turnkey cow farm.

Our interior and exterior screeds are designed to withstand constant traffic, ensuring durability and facilitating daily operation.


At Aviporc, we understand that success in cattle breeding is not only based on infrastructure, but also on the implementation of efficient systems adapted to the specific needs of each client.

Our cattle department excels in providing comprehensive advice, ensuring that every aspect of your project is designed to optimise productivity and livestock welfare.

Handling Sleeves: Efficiency in Livestock Management

We have both exterior and interior handling chutes, designed to facilitate daily work with livestock.

These chutes offer safe and efficient handling, ensuring a continuous work flow and reducing stress on livestock during operations.


Automated Feeding: Technology at your Livestock’s Service

Our facilities include automated feeding systems in small capacity hoppers, ensuring accurate and controlled feed distribution.

In addition, for specific needs, we offer passive feeding in large capacity hoppers, ensuring a constant supply of feed for your livestock.

Functional Haystacks: Well-being and Comfort for Livestock

We prioritise livestock welfare in every detail. Our straw bays have trays and free front service, providing a comfortable and accessible space for resting, contributing to the overall health of the cattle.

Customised Drinking Fountains: Tailored to Your Requirements

We offer a variety of bespoke drinking trough options, from fixed to tipping, with integrated drainage into walls, providing solutions tailored to the layout and specific needs of your livestock facilities.

Modular Tubular Stabling in Turnkey Cow Farm: Flexibility in Design

Our modular tubular housing systems, with extendable barriers of 4/5 bars, allow a versatile configuration of the pens, adapting to different needs and facilitating livestock management.

Digital Weighing Systems: Accurate Yield Monitoring

We implement digital weighing systems that provide accurate monitoring of livestock weight. This is not only crucial for monitoring health and performance, but also for efficient feed management.

Experimental Barns on Turnkey Cow Farms: Innovation in Livestock Research

For those looking to go further, we offer experimental pens with digitalised weighing and feeding. These facilities allow for advanced studies and the implementation of pioneering practices in beef cattle breeding.

Ventilation and Air Conditioning: Optimum Conditions for Livestock

Our warehouses are equipped with ventilation and air-conditioning systems to ensure optimal conditions in all seasons.

Thermal comfort is essential for the welfare of livestock, and at Aviporc we ensure that we provide a healthy environment.

Windbreaks: Protection against external elements

With total protection in mind, our facilities include windbreaks that protect the livestock from external weather conditions, guaranteeing a safe and comfortable environment.

Rely on Aviporc for complete advice and get your perfect turnkey cow farm.