Compident 8

Compident 8

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Animal welfare and comfort are more and more important. The indicators of such welfare are: nutrition, physical health, comfort and behaviour. The result of these variables makes the animal have a positive or negative affective state in each one of the indicators and well-being is understood as the balance between these four.

Today, we are going to focus on the nutrition and feeding of pigs thanks to Schauer’s Compident 8.

It is a feeding system for sows in.

How does it work?

Feeding curves are set and, depending on the sow status and pregnancy day. The machine reads the ear tag, so it knows how much the animal has to eat. The animal can enter and leave the station at any time. It is designed for optimum feeding in group, each one being able to consume its ration without stress. It also allows free group housing on straw or slatted floor.

The station is made in a sturdy construction and is therefore strong and durable.

Among the many advantages of feeding by electronic machine, we could list the following:

  • Quiet and stress-free feeding for each animal
  • Individual and personalized rations for each sow through ear tag
  • Healthier and higher birth weight babies
  • Weaning piglets faster and safer
  • Quick adaptation of the bristles and easy use
  • Saving on farm work

In this way we can see that the Schauer’s Compident 8 is one of the best options for the comfort of both, the animal and the farmer.