New Fattening Farm

New Fattening Farm

New Fattening Farm 2560 1920 Aviporc

The life of the pig goes through several phases, from the birth of the animal to the the fattening.

Today, we are going to focus on this period last to show you our new fattening barn. It’s a precast concrete building one hundred meters long by fourteen meters wide and it has a capacity for one thousand six hundred and sity-four piglets. It has an Agrotherm roof.


The barn is separated in two spaces by a central corridor. The inside aisles are solid concrete and give way to one hundred and twenty-eight stables. Each pen (measuring 3×3 metres) is made up of ventilated grey polypropylene separators and red polypropylene front sides.


The installation has two silos with a double line to feed the animals with two kinds of feed.. This installation works through two different slopes (one white and one Black) through which a type of feed is transported depending on the slope and the silo chosen. Each stable is equipped with a growfeeder hopper. It has a grid to avoid waste of the surplus feed under the hopper.

The feed is as important as the water that the animals drink, so each stable has a stainless steel drinker.


In this case, natural ventilation has been chosen with pvc, aluminium and polycarbonate windows and chimeneys, all managed by a motorized system that works depending on the temperatura set tobe inside the building.

Thanks to the features of this building and the equipment utilized on the feeding, we get the best conditions for the animal welfare that are housed here.