Washing Robot for Pigs Farms

Washing Robot for Pigs Farms

Washing Robot for Pigs Farms 2560 1975 Aviporc

Cleanliness is very important for animal welfare. This is very important for disease control on farms.

We also know that cleaning a farm is hard work for the farm employees. To meet these needs, the WASHPOWER PROCLEANER X100 cleaning robot was born.

It’s a powerful cleaning robot, suitable for a wide range of pig installations The robot has a simple but effective design. It’s capable of handling the toughest jobs

It’s built on four wheels. its measures are: 69 cm wide (optionally variable), 160 cm high and 110 cm long.

The ProCleaner X100 can be moved laterally due to an adjustable wheel that moves along the aisle.

It’s also possible to move around the farm thanks to some rails that mark the trajectory in a correct way.

There are two versions of the robot, one that works with only one arm, and another that works with both arms at the same time. 

The robot is equipped with ultrasonic sensors so that it stops when it detects a wall.

ProCleaner X100 is programmable and includes different types of washing. The machine is connected to the farm’s high-pressure system by specific hoses.

Advantages of the washing robot:

Easy to use: ProCleaner X100 is designed to be particularly easy to use and fully accessible.

Efficient: Saves time and energy. It works autonomously and is totally reliable.

Adapted to your requirements: It is customizable. It can be configured and programmed according to your requirements. Suitable for all types of pig installations.

The WASHPOWER washing robot is the best choice for the welfare of the animals on the farm and the staff working there.