Free Farrowing in Corner: 720 Maternity Farm Places

Free Farrowing in Corner: 720 Maternity Farm Places

Free Farrowing in Corner: 720 Maternity Farm Places 2560 1920 Aviporc

Nowadays, the free farrowing corner in the farrowing house allows the sow and her piglets to remain free during lactation.


Today, we present the free farrowing in corner unit in the corner of a maternity farm. A new version that complies with the current animal welfare regulations in pig farming.

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Firstly, the free-standing corner farrowing, that is made of galvanised iron, adapts perfectly to the different sizes of the square.

One of the most important advantages for animal welfare is the possibility of opening both sides of the stall. This gives the stall more space for the comfort of the sow and her piglets.

This makes it the perfect choice for both new installations as well as for the refurbishment of farrowing and maternity farms.

Farrowing Farm with Free Farrowing in the Corner
Farrowing Farm with Free Farrowing in the Corner

All opening and closing mechanisms are easy to operate in order to facilitate the daily work of the farm staff and to optimise handling time as much as possible.

Welfare Farrowing Cradle with Nest
Welfare Farrowing Cradle with Nest


The piglets have a heated area with a stainless steel hot water plate. In addition, corner nests have been installed on this farm. This type of nest facilitates the maintenance of an optimal microclimate for the piglets in maternity.

Moreover, this nest has a special feature. It has an intermediate slit between nests, which allows us to join litters of piglets.


For the power supply system, 720 ROTECNA dositronics have been installed.

Dositronic: Sistema de Alimentación Electrónica

Dositronic is an electronic feeding system for maternity sows. It allows feeding curves to be applied to each sow individually and in different feeds. It has a sensor that the animal has to activate to dispense the corresponding feed ration. It also has a system of LED lights that allows the farmer to know the situation of the farm and how each sow is eating.

Finally, the feeding trough of the farrowing crate is of large volume to avoid waste of feed and water. It is made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion. The fodder trough installed on top of the feeder is used to administer manipulable material, such as straw.