Turnkey pig farm

Turnkey pig farm

Turnkey pig farm 1280 652 Aviporc

At Aviporc we are experts in farm equipment. In addition, in 2016 we incorporated our “Turnkey” department, offering a complete 360º service. From the construction of your farm to its equipment, we take care of every step to complete this project.

Today we explain a new turnkey farm for 2000 Iberian pigs. The dimensions of these Siamese-shaped sheds are 79 x 16 metres approximately, with 7 modules in each one.


Within the construction part of this turnkey double pig farm we highlight:

  • Concrete floor with polished finish and slope to facilitate the cleaning of the building.
  • Prefabricated concrete structure with boomerang type beams and tubular concrete purlins.
  • Roof made of red ECO Ganadero panel
  • Both warehouses are connected to the exterior courtyards – courtyards measuring 79 x 14 metres – and to a central corridor for handling people, made of prefabricated concrete.
  • In addition, the floor of these yards has a slope that reaches down to the dunghill.


As far as the equipment is concerned, we can see that it is equipped with hoops for the easy handling of the different batches within each shed. There are also red polypropylene exit doors to the outside yards for the Iberian pigs.

Furthemore, for feeding, we have chosen concrete hoppers with a single mouth and water inside, thanks to their robustness and easy regulation to avoid feed wastage. In addition to the water inside the hopper, we have installed 49 stainless steel bowls.

Finally, with regard to the ventilation of the farm, 44 PVC and polycarbonate casement windows and polyester ridge vents have been distributed throughout the farm.