Washing Robot for Pigs Farms

Washing Robot for Pigs Farms 2560 1975 Aviporc

Cleanliness is very important for animal welfare. This is very important for disease control on farms. We also know that cleaning a farm is hard work for the farm employees.…

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New Fattening Farm

New Fattening Farm 2560 1920 Aviporc

The life of the pig goes through several phases, from the birth of the animal to the the fattening. Today, we are going to focus on this period last to…

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Compident 8

Compident 8 1343 1057 Aviporc

Animal welfare and comfort are more and more important. The indicators of such welfare are: nutrition, physical health, comfort and behaviour. The result of these variables makes the animal have…

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Turnkey solutions

Turnkey solutions 970 1114 Aviporc

Hoy tenemos el placer de poder explicar detalladamente una de las naves de “Llave en mano”, en concreto, la nave de Villaescusa; pero antes de proceder a su explicación deberíamos…

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