Feed Delivery Robot Faro

Feed Delivery Robot Faro

Feed Delivery Robot Faro 1000 720 Aviporc

A healthy cow is a productive cow, which is why the feed delivery robot FARO from Schauer was developed to improve feeding in cattle.

FARO – Feed Delivery Robot is used to bring fresh feed to the feed stores 24 hours a day. It’s saving time and money.

Farmers describe it as the farm’s best friend, the medium-sized, compact helper they can rely on.

How does the FARO ration pushing robot work?


It gently pushes the fodder in both directions. FARO makes it possible to feed the entire shed.

In addition to the feed pusher system, it has a feed hopper on the upper part as a complement, which allows two types of concentrated feed to be distributed through the cornices.

It also features the FaroSmartAPP, which offers the possibility to upload all the data you get through FARO to a cloud.

Another key advantage of this robot is the self-cleaning service that ensures a hygienic feeding process for animal welfare and biosecurity.

FARO Robot Benefits

Increased food intake and reduced food waste

Fresh forage motivates the animal to come to the feeding trough to eat.

In addition, it encourages cows to eat it all, which means a reduction in feed scraps.

Stress reduction: Less pressure on front legs and neck

Stress and aggression between animals occurs when feed is limited, also when it’s difficult to access.

If there is always enough fresh fodder, the stress of the animals is greatly reduced.

This positive effect on the health of the cows is also noticeable in the hooves, front legs and neck, because they don’t have to stretch to reach it.

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Labour is significantly reduced thanks to the use of FARO.

By automating this process, you can increase feed delivery rounds by up to eight times without any additional effort on the part of the work team.

Qualified farm staff can now devote their time to other, more important activities.

Energy saving

This robot saves a high percentage of fuel by not needing the tractor for the daily rounds of feed supply. Also, the effort of the workers is minimised, as feed supply becomes a thing of the past.