Flexbelt: For Fast and Safe Egg Transport

Flexbelt: For Fast and Safe Egg Transport

Flexbelt: For Fast and Safe Egg Transport 1920 2560 Aviporc

The egg is a food with a high nutritional value, recommended in the daily diets. It’s higly positive for the sportmen and sportwomen.

As we all know, eggs are delicate products. Eggs are produced with great care because they are easily broken.That’s why they have to be transported very carefully. In order to meet this need “Flexbelt Egg-Conveyor” from Jansen was born. This conveyor can transport eggs for consumption and incubation, quickly and safely. The route goes from the nests to the collection point.

The capacity of our product is approximately 27.000 eggs/hour. The transport of the eggs is quick and clean. The design is adaptable to all types of Farms. This is possible thanks to the application of curves and elbows. We can achieve slopes of up to 35 degrees without damaging the shell.

The advantage:

– Optimal transport of the eggs

– Transport capacity of 27.000 eggs/hour

– Can be applied to any type of nest or aviary system

– It is flexible and adapts to any design thanks to the curves and elbows

– It has no limits, it can be extended

– Easy to clean, thanks to the open system and the option of trays underneath the whole belt for collecting dirt

Technical specifications:

– Transport on slopes up to 35 degrees

– Belt width: 500mm

– 180º curve

– 90º curve

As a result, If you are looking to transport eggs quickly, safely and carefully, this is your solution.

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