Turnkey Iberian Pig Fattening Farm

Turnkey Iberian Pig Fattening Farm

Turnkey Iberian Pig Fattening Farm 2560 1920 Aviporc
Plan of the Iberian Pig Farm

Pig farms are built on two basic pillars: animal welfare and farm biosecurity.

At this farm for fattening Iberian pigs has been designed by the department’s engineers on a turnkey basis. It has been designed according to biosecurity and animal welfare standards.

The farmstead has two sheds connected by a central corridor. Each shed measuring approximately 79 x 16 metres, which results in a capacity of 2,000 Iberian pigs. As far as the internal design is concerned, four modules have been chosen. This makes a total of 12 blocks 94 m² each.

Video Iberian Fattening Pig Farm| Video: Javier Briñón Elices
Aerial Photo Farm | Photography: Javier Briñón Elices


Firstly, the shed has pits and drains for the evacuation of slurry by means of a system of external chambers for easy handling of the slurry. Secondly, the floor of the warehouse is fully trellised with exterior patios of concrete floor with more than 500m². Finally, the structure has been built with prefabricated concrete pillars, porticos and purlins. The enclosure of the building is also prefabricated with insulation and the roof is made of 40mm thick agropanel.


There are concrete and PVC separators for easy handling of the animals. In addition, each block has interior gates to facilitate animal handling. Also, they also have outside gates for pigs to exit to the yards.


This ranch has a double feeding line and four silos. Moreover, there are hoppers with single-mouth and water inside. These hoppers have been chosen for their robustness. Furthemore, each pen has drinking troughs.


Finally, this farm has been chosen natural ventilation with polycarbonate and aluminium casement windows. The reason for installing this type of window is to improve the insulation of the building, as this window adjusts and doesn’t lose temperature when it is closed. In the same way, it also has 4.5 metre stainless steel trestles that complement the ventilation system.

In conclusion, this farm complies with animal welfare and biosecurity standards.

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