Aviporc is also a specialist in beef.

Aviporc is also a specialist in beef.

Aviporc is also a specialist in beef. 1600 1200 Aviporc

Aviporc is also a specialist in beef. Our new goal is to provide professional solutions for cattle farms.

We’re one of the leading companies in the sector, because we supply the most innovative farm equipment quickly, efficiently and individually to each customer.

Always with our sights set on the latest technological advances in the sector, our main objective is to stay close to our customers, so that wherever they are, they have modern and adapted facilities at their disposal.

Being a reference in the pig and poultry sector, we opened our line of business to give more service to the bovine customer, both milk and fattening, equipment and turnkey.

Álvaro Gil, as Aviporc’s Specialist Cattle Technician.

Aviporc specialist in beef

Álvaro Gil, as Aviporc’s Technical Specialist in Cattle, is the one who accompanies the customer in this personalised experience.

To get to know him a little better, we asked him the following questions:

Question: How is the implementation of Aviporc in the beef sector?

Response. The truth is that since this new line of business was created in January 2021, the acceptance by the sector has been overwhelming.


I believe that our business concept and the breadth of products and services we provide is being very well received by farmers, who are looking for a serious company, which provides them with all the necessary equipment and thus saves them from having to negotiate with different suppliers.

Our alliance with the best European manufacturers in the sector, together with a great technical team of fitters and an after-sales service of immediate attention, differentiate us from our direct competition.

Q. What kind of products do you specialise in?

R. Within our wide range of products, we also offer installation and maintenance services, of which we can highlight:

  • Own made hoppers and drinking troughs
  • Cable and hydraulic scrapers
  • Ventilation / air conditioning systems
  • Automatic feed storage and distribution systems
  • Dairy cattle housing and feedlots
  • Weighing and level measuring equipment
  • Slurry management
  • Water tanks
  • Complete turnkey project

We’re currently official distributors of the best brands in the European market, such as Exte Holz, Jourdain, Schauer, Rotecna, La Buvette, Huesker, etc.


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Q. What services do you offer in this sector? Both beef and dairy cattle.

Aviporc specialist in beef

R. In addition to distributing and manufacturing all types of equipment. We also carry out turnkey projects, taking care of everything from the levelling of the land to the final commissioning of the project.

During this first year 2021 we have closed several turnkey projects such as feedlots of more than 1400 places or several extensions of dairy cattle sheds.

Another strong point is that our technical service is constantly deployed throughout Castilla y León.